Plantation Shutters


Quality shutters are furniture for your windows.  Shutters beautifully provide all the benefits of a window covering while also enhancing your home’s value.  Custom shutters, professionally installed, become a part of your window and a functional investment that will provide many years of value and beauty.

Norman offers a full line of shutters for any application


Wood composite shutters 

Advanced polymer shutters

Environmentally friendly wood shutters

Solid wood shutters

Norman’s exclusive louver tilting mechanism.  Invisibletilt provides a view unobstructed by a traditional tilt-rod, a more streamlined appearance and tighter, more even louver closure.  This feature has the added benefit of making the shutter extremely easy to clean. 

A common concern with perspective shutter buyers is that shutters will block the view thru their windows.  The above picture shows the view-thru ability of shutters in the open position with 4.5” louvers (left) 3.5” louvers (center) and 2.5” louvers (right).  With the available InvisibleTilt feature these views would be even more open by eliminating the center tilt-rods.