Honeycomb Shades

Norman Honeycomb Shades feature award winning designs, exclusive options and industry leading construction.   With over 300 fabric options in 3 cell sizes these honeycomb shades offer more choices, more comfort and more energy efficiency.  Available in 9 different operating systems and 7 specialty shapes like arches, eyebrows and tringles.  Norman Honeycomb shades will let you make a personal statement with unparalleled styling and experience workmanship that’s legendary.

The unique construction and advanced materials allow Norman Honeycomb Shades to insulate better.  It’s R-value, a measure for thermal resistance, is among the highest in window coverings.  Which means you’ll feel more comfortable and save on energy.

Smartfit is a new and innovative feature in Norman’s Honeycomb Shade line.  The Smartfit system works as a top-down bottom-up while eliminating the unsightly cords coming down in the center of the shade.  The Smartfit design can be mounted with a tight fit to minimize light leakage and maximize privacy.  Smartfit is excellent for french doors!  To learn more about Smartfit shades, watch the video…